Your lighting specialist for parties, weddings and functions around London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and Hampshire.

All lighting fixtures and controllers are from a top quality manufacturer to ensure first class, exciting, reliable, and above all safe LED illumination for your event.


To animate performance areas (bands, discos and dance-floors), we offer a range of wash lights including red-green-blue washes,  wide-area wash lights with ‘barn doors’ and sophisticated units with 6-in-1 LED technology (red, green, blue, amber, white and ultra violet) that allow the greatest precision and complex colour mixes. All of these fixtures share a controller that can be programmed to produce the effects you want from static colours, through gradual or rapid fades, to funky sound-activated pulses and they can be floor mounted, hung from T-bars, suspended from a three metre high truss up to five metres wide or attached to brackets.

For areas and situations where cabling would be unsightly or obtrusive or where mains power is unavailable, the  solution consists of battery powered and remote-controlled uplighters. These units  run for eight hours without a charge and have their own wireless controller. The units are programmable as well and boast 6-in-1 LED technology making discrete and precise fixed colours or shifts easy to design to suit the mood of your event.

For exteriors and outdoors, where for reasons of safety weatherproof units and cabling are a must, we have IP65-rated fixtures each with 12 tri-coloured LEDs. These are ideal for illuminating facades, gardens or outside architectural features and have their own independent controller.

Please click here for more details on all of these lighting elements.

If you need a sound system for speeches or in order to play your own playlist compiled on your own device (for example an iPad), we have a Roland three unit stereo sound system complete with sub-woofer for punchy bass notes and with a combined power output of over 500W.

For the ultimate in music as well, check out Soultanas, a nine-piece funk and soul band that comes highly recommended and is guaranteed to get your guests up and dancing.