Lighting Fixtures & Controllers

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Wireless uplighters

Chauvet Freedom Par Hex 4These uplighter are perfect for areas where cabling is difficult or unsightly – typically where people are coming and going, like dining areas where cables would inconvenience guests and catering staff.  They are battery powered and connect wirelessly to their controller. These uplighters can blend six colour sources (red, green blue, amber, white, ultraviolet) to provide an infinitely variable colour palette.

Par lights (red, green, blue, amber, white & UV)

Typically hung from T-bars and ideal as sound-activated lights to animate a dance-floor but also infinitely adjustable to produce a precise shade and tone with an ability to blend six colour sources (red, green blue, amber, white, ultraviolet).

The ultimate tri-prism disco light – amazing effect for dance floors or band performance areas

These lights are a must for animating and illuminating dancefloors. A brilliant solution in marquees with their high ceilings or smaller intimate spaces to provide more of a clubbing ambience.

Par washes

These simple but effective washes, either on floor stands or brackets or hung from a truss, are capable of delivering powerful displays and programmes as well as static colours or relaxing transitions and fades.

Three-bank “barn door” washlights

Chauvet SlimBank Tri 18To illuminate broader areas such as attractive beams, ceilings or other architectural features, these fixtures are excellent and are capable of being programmed to produce striking effects or simply to create a sense of space and atmosphere.

Large all-weather washes for safe use outdoors

Chauet SlimPanel Tri12With their own independent controller, these lights are intended to illuminate gardens or facades and can withstand all weathers.  Once again the display can be as vivid or as soothing as you wish.

Three lighting controllers for alternative configurations.